TeleHealth Live!

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TeleHealth Live is Area Home Inc.'s most unique service and is unlike any other service offered in this industry. TeleHealth Live enables the staff the opportunity to better serve their patients by being in daily contact with their patients. With TeleHealth Live, a nurse calls the home care patient on a daily basis to assess the patient's most current condition and review his or her vital signs for the day. If any abnormal findings are noted, the nurse will make a personal visit to the patient and conduct a thorough assessment of his or her health status and then notify a physician of their findings.

With TeleHealth Live, you are able to speak to a real person. This means you will not be relying on machines that transmit information that may take days or even weeks to be seen by your physician.

A Proactive Approach to Managing Your Health

At Area Home Care Inc., we have all the necessary equipment, including scales, glucometers, pulse oximeters and blood pressure machines needed to monitor and manage your health.

Nursing Care Plainview, TX

TeleHealth Live helps the Area Home Care Inc. staff be proactive in detecting an exacerbation of your disease before requiring a potential hospital stay or emergency room visit.